been havin’ a bit of a rut, but i think this helped me get out of it a little. Been workin on it for a couple days

a jade dragon! a little something for my page on Flight Rising.

scale technique taught to me by my bf

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get to know me - [1/5] protagonists → Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)
❝ I will never give up... I will never give up! As long I'm still breathing in this world... As long I'm still standing, I will never give up!
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send me a ♛ and i’ll explain why my character treats yours the way they do.


    Natsu and Hitsugaya met by chance during some random and explainable means. This in turn left Hitsugaya very much the skeptic over the Dragon Slayer’s true intentions from the very beginning.

          They soon engaged in battle as any ryoka invading the Soul Society is sure to be met with dutiful shinigami who will defend it to no end and most times without question. Any possible threat is to be dealt with.

          The tenth division squad Captain knows his responsibilities well and will never fail at attempting to adhere to them. With that in mind, he did eventually come to terms with the fact that what the pink-haired male was claiming could possibly be true. He was not within the Seireitei to pose any danger. Reluctantly, the two would come to form what could only be called a bond of friendship, or friendly rivalry. 

          It’s taken time and loads of effort from Natsu Dragneel to get this far, Toshiro treats the optimistic prankster with some detachment but he does have a hidden inclination of considering him a closer friend that he, more than likely, would never admit to. It’s both due to his strong adherence to the Gotei regulations as well as his own outlook on being independent and solely reliant on himself. 

          Natsu and Happy are welcomed to come and go, these days. Although Hitsugaya could do without the frustration the pranks cause, he has come to look forward to the change of pace that comes along with them. Even if he still does choose to do his paperwork rather than run amok when prompted to by the Dragon Slayer. Some things never change.

send me a ♛ and i’ll explain why my character treats yours the way they do.




Why couldn’t he just give her the damn bottle back? She tried to reach but couldn’t quiet grasp it. It was too far and her fist went down instead causing noise. Annoyed with her captain that he wouldn’t let her drink, she just wanted to forget. How hard was it to let her forget about him? Memories were the worst thing for someone to have, worse than a memento. 

"Stup’d je’k…" she slurred, whether it was at him, or towards the one who caused it, or the dead, it wasn’t exactly known. Her thought processes was all over the place. Then he was pouring the liquor out and she heard it. She didn’t have to have good hearing, she knew the way his body was, his deamnor said it all how he was talking. She wasn’t sure what was more sobering, his attitude or the fact he just emptied her sake out onto the ground. 

"Tha’s min’.. you…o’e me.." Apparently it wasn’t exactly sober enough to help her speech though. She was just trying to push the sadness away, that was it, so she curled up within her chair just a bit tighter.


          Was the young captain disappointed, most certainly. It had been a far longer occupancy of time that she had gone without a display of this type, than any other time before. Her drinking, or rather over-indulgence of alcohol hadn’t been issue for some time and it was not a celebratory event to witness her fall back into old habits, even worse, self-destructive habits. Releasing another heavy and drawn out sigh, teal eyes shifted back to settle on his lieutenant. 

          Somehow, he knew, after spending enough of his life with her as a part of it that his typical scolding often did nothing in these cases, she was too far gone, rationality would be lost on her in the state of mind she was so apparently in. Still it wasn’t that she’d failed to maintain a strong will against the habit that left her this way which he was disappointed in, more-so it was the fact that it was always concerning the same issue.

That man who by now should hold little to no grip upon her.

          Even as he stood there, Hitsugaya found the memories conjured up by simply the man’s name caused his jaw to clench and teeth begin to grit. If only he could erase all surrounding Gin Ichimaru altogether.

          “Clearly, you need to go find some rest and I suggest you do so now, sleep on the couch if you must.” he directed, attempting to mask any signs of concern. “And if you mean to say I owe you sake, you can forget that idea completely, Matsumoto.”



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❝I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose. Fire away, fire away. Ricochet, you take your aim. Fire away, fire away.❞
- David Guetta ft. Sia (via mikxed-emotions)

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          「氷 」The declare was unnecessary. The tone of his reflection did not shed the truth any further from the original either. With utmost calm, the 10th captain regarded the other with an unwavering gaze. 

                                    "Shall I assume that it is preferable for you, the wielder of the zanpakuto Hyourinmaru, to have an interrogation with your own assumptions? Obligations, it may not but if you wish to progress on your own terms, by all means."

This was no longer new.

Experience with a certain hollow did not provide him with further interest.

                                      Unless this one was was of no threat
                                                   Then he had better learn to be obliged to come clean.

While he does so in merciful hands.

          If at all this was some trickery of the Quincy, admittedly it was impressive. Eyes remained fixated on the form of what appeared to be a complete duplication. Manner of speech, subtle movements all exactly true to the prodigy’s own original state of being. 

          “Assume as you wish, my only aim is to establish whether or not your intention here is to be a danger against the Soul Society.”

          If he were to drop his guard over a possible tactical diversion such as this, it would all be naught but a failure upon his shoulders. 

          “It was none other than you who approached me, so, Identify yourself and your intentions or meet my blade should you refuse. You’ve already spoken his name, so I will trust you are well acquainted with exactly what he is capable of.”




          「氷 」"Another mirror image. State your true identity."

                       One fine day, Hitsugaya may cultivate a fear of mirrors.

          Vibrant gaze shifted to settle on the person now demanding a response. A familiar visage as it was that of his very own. However, this was not Reigai, senses of  reiatsu and other subtle aura cues would prove that. So, an illusion of the sternritter, possibly.

          “Excuse me? I am under no obligations to state anything without reason. Let me guess, you’re Hitsugaya Toshiro, Taichou of the tenth division, I commend you on the astounding likeness.”

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