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Solidarity being mostly the only way of living known to the young white-haired male, learning what lie within the depths to his own soul and zanpakuto’s spiritual embodiment was always still such a foreign concept. The closeness urged was strangely comforting but still he fought to prove his independence in this world.

Reluctantly it was that he ever gave into the more affectionate side of bonding but he would return the small gestures from time to time. It helped expand his understanding and though it was beyond him, it really did provide some sense of security for him. He wasn’t ever truly alone as long as the ice God remained bound though bond of soul.

{Bratty reluctant nuzzles and cuddles}



The blonde was walking towards the barracks, it seemed like a nice day and everyone was out. She was heading there to hand the papers off to her captain. She really didn’t want them and besides he needed these right? Well she’d find out soon enough as she made her way inside the barracks and stopped.

She stifled a laughter, there she saw it, her captain in a maid outfit asleep, there was just something so amusing about it she couldn’t help herself. This picture needed to be saved, and with no flash she found a camera and took a picture, then hid the device. She didn’t want to get into too much trouble just yet.

Yet, the more she looked at him the more laughter was hard to contain. Who decided to do this to the 10th’s division captain? She knew it was an insult, and yet it was funny to the blonde. “C-Capt..ain..” she bursted out in laughter, while she was trying to wake him up she couldn’t help but to laugh as she grabbed her sides from laughing so much.


   Immediately he was awoken by the loud snickering and giggle fit his Lieutenant was emitting. Still completely unaware of his predicament, the young captain lifted himself from his sleeping area and shot a frustrated look over to her. 

Rangiku! Must you always barge in here and cause a racket, sometimes I believe it to be all you live for!” he cried out, annoyance apparent in tone throughout his sarcastic comment. 

   Gods forbid he actually should find some rest from time to time.  Just tell me she isn’t here after having been out drinking again, he thought. His glare remained fixed on her as her laughter continued, still trying his patience with her.




███▓▒░░ ❅ ———— “Ƭяαιηιηg… cαη уσυ тяαιη

                        to better control these powers? 

                            I’ve always thought that they couldn’t really 

                          be controlled…” 

   ”Focus your resolve and control can be mastered. At the same time I suppose nothing is ever one hundred percent but we must constantly push ourselves to try. Hopefully our results show the better for it in the end.”




███▓▒░░ ❅ ———— “Ƴєѕ… ǀ ωαѕ вσяη ωιтн тнιѕ ρσωєя, 

                         and I’ve since learned to control it——

                            somewhat, but it still gets away from me sometimes.” 


"Truthfully, I do find my own extent of capabilities to be in need of maturing but I have accomplished a lot in learning what they are thus far. I find training helps push limitations."  




███▓▒░░ ❅ ———— “Ƭнαт’ѕ… тнє fιяѕт ǀ’νє нєαяɗ

                           of someone else who shares my powers…” 

"—You can manipulate the same element, I take it, I discovered my own ability at a very young age and I have striven to control and command it ever since."




███▓▒░░ ❅ ———— “Ƴσυ нανє gιαηт ιcє ωιηgѕ——” 

  “Indeed, it is one of my zanpakuto’s abilities, Hyourinmaru rules over all forms of frost and ice.”

The Fire Menace :||: natsudemonlord



Natsu had gotten his way into the seireitei and looked around as he started to walk on by. He had deemed the ‘gotei 13’ too dangerous for his plans and they had to be destroyed. They would somehow get in his way and he wouldn’t accept that. Fire suddenly was on the barracks burning them down, as fire was on his hands and he made sure he was getting rid of things. It was then one of them, if he wasn’t mistaken was called Momo, that’s what short stuff called her correct? She came out to fight him and he only laughed at her.

When the fire came he swallowed it up, and went after her. It had shocked Momo that he swallowed her fire, and was trying to use some Kido attacks against him. The ones with fire had no affect on him as he only swallowed them up and it was fueling the young dragon slayer. He felt something come at him, dust was hitting and cutting into his skin. This would of been shorts stuff lieutenant.  He took a deep breath in “Fire Dragon ROAR” he yelled as fire came out toward both Rangiku and Momo. The dust storm settled as he saw Rangiku back injured from his flames as she was protecting Momo. 

He grinned a bit feeling super charged suddenly from the rush of power, the two girls were trying to move and that was when he let out his stronger attack. “Crimson Lotus: Exploding FLAME BLADE!” Fire came onto his arms creating long torrents of fire that went into a spiraling  wave, each wave connecting causing a bigger explosion than before. The two girls were caught within the powerful attack, both of them falling down onto the ground. Natsu went walking as he looked down at Rangiku with disgust fire seemed to whip around him and in the air. The two girls were on the ground burning still, as he saw Hitsugaya. A smirk on his face as he looked at him. “Come to play with me Short stuff? I hope you’ll be more fun than your Lieutenant was. She wasn’t fun at all.” He looked back slightly at the body that was burning and back at him.


   Unmistakable, a spike in both Hinamori’s and Matsumoto’s spiritual pressure. They had run into some form of a threat and it left their traces frayed, something or someone had devastated them. Swift in action, Hitsugaya pressed off the ground, right into shunpo, straight towards the direction of their last sensed positions. 

   The entirety of the Tenth division was ablaze, crackling flames rampaging throughout. How? Who could break through the locked down, inner areas of the Seireitei and undetected until destruction was already in full effect? He tried to make some sense of the numerous questions forming as he viewed the wreckage, cinder and ash lost to spreading fire. It left his expression twisted with urgency, hinted by confusion.

   As he made the scene his eyes caught the form of Rangiku and then Momo, quickly he sought out the assailant, the one who would, without doubt, answer at the end of Hyourinmaru’s blade.

   As soon as his eyes met the pink, spiked hair, the recognition was instantaneous. Never, should he have placed trust in the guy. He had abandoned his suspicions too soon and let his guard drop too far, again. Toshiro felt his gut wrench. Why had he ever allowed himself to place any thing so close as trust in someone who had never explained themselves in any regards? He should have known by now that something like friendship was laughable. Now he would face that solid truth and now Natsu would pay for this mess he’d made. 

   For the disrespect and sheer betrayal.

"I did not come to play, ingrate, I’ve come to end you!”

   Already frost had covered and quelled the flames in the direction the young prodigy had come from, slowly it crept closer and wiped out any left within his current range.

I expect you to keep up :||: Kori—hime

   As Taichou for the Tenth Division, Toshiro always took great care to oversee all of the squad’s inner workings. Everything was to be kept in order and functioning as a well oiled machine. It was often said he took to it in much of a strict and harsh manner but regardless of those remarks he did manage to give it all of his full undivided focus, leaving him to be one of the top captains and also held in high esteem by subordinates and colleagues alike.

   Currently, he was making rounds for his own personal inspection encompassing the barracks. Just something he employed to keep track of people and to be sure nothing was out of sorts. It was around and in-between checking in on the training grounds and new recruits that he ran into his third seated officer. Immediately he hoped it was part of her duties for the day and that this chance run in wouldn’t end in regret or any other dissatisfaction.

"Haku— I didn’t think i’d be seeing you here at this time, I suspect there’s good reason behind it." he inquired, crossing his arms as he did so.

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That was then :||: snowwhiteangel-laurahiakuma


  How long had it been now? They’d known each other a fair amount of time, at least in Toshiro’s mind. Yet here he was, left to traverse the pathways of his cluttered thoughts. All concerning her of course. Why, someone who had been so inconsequential at the start, no, he never did mean for anyone to actually matter. That in turn would mean he concerned himself emotionally, that someone had crossed into that barrier of actually, truly stirring feelings from within him. When had it happened. He couldn’t pinpoint it specifically, was that what irked him so much about it all?

  So that was it then, was it. This person was of importance to him. Certainly, by now she was aware so why did she still hold back so much. the whole situation was just riddled with insurmountable questions upon questions.

  The young high school student sat upon the rooftop of some residential homes near where Laura lived, he could see her place from that vantage point, the place he had never been permitted to enter. If what she had once told him held true, it wasn’t likely he’d ever be invited there. Even now she had been unaware that he had found it on his own.